Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cut em out! Ride em in! RawHIIIIIDE!

Just try not to have this in your head all day now. I dare you.


[cue whipcrack sound effect]

It's time to pack up and ride out, my friends!

This blog has served me well enough for the last year or so, but now that I'm gearing up to start putting my work up on Amazon (and more places, after), it seemed like it was time for a real, grown-up website of my own. Because I am a control freak and need more control over how my content is being displayed. And because you deserve someplace easier to navigate and prettier to look at.

So back in June I bought the domain, and as of a few days ago, is officially under construction, thanks to the mad skillz of Mr. Adderly and some contributions from yours truly that are making him pull his hair and Oh would you please just let me do it already! "Stop ridin' me, Devil Woman!"

I'm hoping to have it up before I launch The Devil's Luck on Amazon in September. I can't wait!

screenshot of website under construction

If you go there now, it's just an Under Construction page so you don't have to see all my flailing to get the darn thing functional and decent-looking. Once that site is up, this blog will be coming down (though all the blog posts will be transferred over). I'll make a last post here to give you warning, so if you're following, you can go follow on the other one instead.

Even more exciting shit's about to do down in about a week (besides the new site), so the best thing to do would be to sign up for my newsletter, since those subscribers will be the first to know about it. Don't worry, I'm not gonna spam you to death. I plan to send one email about each new thing, and that's it. Your inbox is full enough (Amazon, Netflix, I love you, but please ... stop with the suggestions. I have things to do).

That's all for now, my friends! Talk to you soon!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Who You Would Be Aboard The Devil's Luck, by Your Sun Sign

You may already know this, or you may not, but I frequently use the traits associated with western zodiac signs as character archetypes for my stories. It works for me as a useful tool to remind me of the way each character is likely to act or think, and helps keep my brain consistent in this area. I don't always stick to everything one hundred percent, but a strong base is there, for sure.

I realized the other day that I actually have one character for each of the twelve signs aboard The Devil's Luck, and I thought it might be fun to let you look behind the curtain and see who's who. So here you go:

ARIES: Brigit O'Creagh

Hired maid of the Widow Collingwood. Has a dirty mouth and knows her way around a blade. Has no trouble finding her place within a crew of rough sailors. If you haven't read The Maid and the Cook, you can get to know Brigit way better there.

TAURUS: John Bone

The ship's cook. Built like an ox and knows his way around a galley. Tight with coin and not fan of drama. Has a soft spot for salty maids from Cork (looking at you, Brigit - again, learn more about Mr Bone in The Maid and the Cook).

GEMINI: William Osbourne

Swift-tongued and observant navigator. Keeps the ship on course and always has a smart remark at the ready.

CANCER: Benjamin Till

The Quartermaster and Hannah's protector; the one who cares and shows it. He keeps his opinions to himself, for the most part, but is the first one to jump in and defend his nearest and dearest. A leader that the crew gladly follow.

LEO: Simon Grey

Described as a "proud little rooster of a man", the Master Gunner is full of colorful, often bawdy stories. There is no bigger fan of Simon Grey than Grey, himself, but he's almost always smiling and laughing, and the crew is generally amused with his bravado.

VIRGO: Hannah Collingwood

The Widow from Bristol is a bit uptight, at least to start. She's very wrapped up in what is acceptable and proper, and isn't fond of things getting out of line. But as the story goes on we see how her sharp mind makes her just the person to step in and help when it's needed the most.

LIBRA: Christopher Winters

Deckhand and lover of the ship's carpenter, Ellis George. Winters doesn't have a huge role in TDL, but he will in the sequel, and we'll really get to know him in an upcoming short spin-off, so stay tuned. You'll see him as Devil's Advocate; a charming young man who only wants what's fair for everyone.

SCORPIO: Rowland Graves

A man with dark secrets and vengeful agendas. He's content to lie in wait as long as it takes for the perfect opportunity to fulfill his obsessions. Gosh, sorry you had to be a villain this time around, Scorpios. If it makes you feel any better, Hades, our deliciously dark Lord of the Dead from The Eighth House was one, too, and a much more entertaining example. But Rowland wasn't always such a madman. You can find out how he got there in The Fall of Rowland Graves.


The ship's Bosun, a slave who escaped during the rebellion partially incited by Bertrand Symes at the beginning of the story. An easygoing character with a ready laugh and smile, honest to a fault and ready for whatever the wind brings.

CAPRICORN: Edmund Blackburn

Ship's Captain and longtime sufferer of daddy issues and It's Lonely At The Top syndrome. Until Hannah arrives, he lets no one in but his best friend, Benjamin. The man makes a plan and sticks to it at all costs, and his eye is fixed on the bottom line. A dry sense of humor and a leadership position are as natural as breathing for our captain.

AQUARIUS: Ellis George

The carpenter, and the man who leaves everyone guessing. Always has an unexpected answer to every question, and while fairly sober compared to his shipmates, is also extremely intelligent. We'll get up close and personal with Mr George during his first encounter with Mr Winters in The Carpenter and the Deckhand. An interesting man with surprises up his sleeve, I promise.

PISCES: Henry Adams

The ship's cooper (that's barrel-maker, my friends, and a very important role on a ship, indeed), and unlikely poet, singer, and teller of tales. A man who knows his way around a drink or two. Another guy with a fun origin story that might show up later.

So there you have it! Do you like your sign's character? Surprised? Hate them? Rather be someone else? Tell me in the comments! The Devil's Luck will be coming to Amazon in September. Sign up for my email list to be the first to know!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Pirates are coming. A lot.

solar eclipse
A while back I made sort of a State of the Union post here, but as well all know, plans change. So I thought I'd let you in on the new itinerary.

I'm about 45,000 words (somewhere in chapter five, for my Literotica buddies) into An Emperor for the Eclipse. What I originally thought would be one [long] book, I've now decided to split into three novella-sized parts.

Why am I doing this? Well, this story is a different beast from what I've written before, and while I'll be debuting it on Literotica to see what everyone thinks, it is destined for Amazon at some point. Bearing that in mind, I had to wonder if new readers will want to take a risk on a 180,000 word novel (I'm just guessing at the length here, who knows) without ever having read anything of mine before. I also thought about those of you who are already so kindly reading and enjoying my stories. This will be different for you, too, in that the plot is much thicker and the erotica, while still in my normal, graphic and dirty style, is more sporadic throughout the narrative than it has been in some of my other stories. So the same goes for everyone: I'm thinking you might want to break off a piece first and see if you like it, and then you can move on to the second and third parts if you're into it.

Does this mean I'm moving away from writing erotica? Not really. There's room for everything, I think. I still love, love, writing a good sex scene. I love trying to top myself, to get creative, to (I'm hoping) make you feel a little of the joy or surprise or fear my characters are feeling. But aside from sweaty rutting and sense-obliterating orgasms, I have so many stories in me. So many. And while sex is often present, and sometimes one of the central themes, quite a few of the ideas I have in the queue deal with so much more.

There's my current project, a fantasy world of empires where the characters wrestle with issues of fate, and self-acceptance/discovery. I have a vampire dystopian future I'm excited about that deals with man's inhumanity to man and the rights of those in power to treat those they consider "dangerous" how they please. There's a contemporary paranormal piece about a woman who is injured and goes into a coma and is offered a "job" on the Other Side, if she's willing to die to do it. And the sequel to The Devil's Luck is a given. And there will be so much sexing in that one, I can't even tell you.

Of course there are shorter works of (mostly) pure smut, like the two companion pieces to The Eighth House: a Medusa/Perseus bit of femdom, and an Aphrodite/Hephaistos hotwife thing that should get very interesting. And let us not forget The Carpenter and the Deckhand - I can't wait to get Ellis George and Winters from The Devil's Luck into bed. Been ready to write those two for months.

So what does all this have to do with the price of tea in China? I tell you I'm splitting up Emperor into three parts because I'm still a good 20 scenes out from coming to the end of the first part. I think that might make Book One alone a good eight or nine Lit chapters. So what I'm going to do is come to the end of what I'm thinking of as the current chapter and (briefly, don't worry) put a pin in it.

galleon illustration
The reason I am doing this is I'm going to begin revisions and further editing to The Devil's Luck for a launch on Amazon (and possibly Barnes & Noble, I'm still deciding the route I want to go) in September. The plan is to publish TDL on September 19th. Why? Because it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course!

That's four months away, and it might seem like a long time, and why would I need so much time to self-pub a story I've already written? First, I need to make revisions. Primarily to make the appearances of Rowland Graves come more in line with his backstory which was fleshed out after I wrote TDL. I also need to edit. I feel like I've learned a good deal more about writing in the last year, and TDL was only the second thing I ever wrote, so now I look over it and see lots of little rough edges I want to sand down. So that needs to happen. Then comes the logistical stuff: I need to make myself a cover design (I have a vision, people, and it will be swashbuckling and glorious, if I have my way). I need to do my homework on marketing the blasted thing. I need to research some small advertising options. As you can imagine, I want people to see this story, not just put it out and have it fade into oblivion (haha, I think I just jinxed myself there).

And I tell you know, those of you who've signed up for my email will be hearing from me when the revisions are done, offering a first look at version 2.0 in exchange for honest reviews. Because that's what happens, apparently, when we go to publish. We become whores for reviews, laying down our bodies as offering to the Amazon Algorithm gods in hopes that we please them.

So I'm giving myself extra time to get this all done. If I finish early, YAY, and I can go back to Emperor: Book One. After that, it'll probably be some sort of ping-pong between writing the sequel to TDL and finishing the other books of Emperor.

There you have it! That's what's doing in the next few months, at least for me. Conversation is always welcome - I love to hear from you. Hit me up in the comments or say Hi on Facebook, you know I'll be there.

❤ Eris

Saturday, May 2, 2015

WIP Excerpt: An Emperor for the Eclipse

So it's been a good long while since I posted here on the blog. I guess I haven't had a ton of big news, and part of me just kind of assumes people will be following my more mundane nonsense on Facebook. And where have I been, exactly? Well, you know ... writing.

solar eclipse illustration
image credit:
An Emperor for the Eclipse is going to be one marathon haul. A fantasy novel longer than The Devil's Luck and a whole world to invent is a helluva undertaking, at least for me. So far I'm about 35,000 words in (for my Literotica reading friends, it's the first four Lit chapters). I would say most all of the main characters have made an appearance so far, but we haven't heard from all of their points of view yet. Yup. It's going to be that kind of storyyou get to be inside lots of different heads. Fun stuff.

But, I have managed to get a couple of characters in the sack (finally). It should fall in chapter three of the released story, so yes, you'll have to wait two chapters before any action, but there was no way to force it sooner and have it be relevant to the plot. Think of this as a fantasy novel that has bonus sex in it, rather than erotica that happens to have a plot.

So about this sex ...  how about an excerpt? For those of you who enjoyed The Eighth House, this couple (one ofgulpfour in this story) marks my return to BDSM. Doxolemy, 47, is the First Chronicler and astrologer to the emperor, and his wife, Janeva, 31, collects and studies Will objects (items that have this story's version of magic imbued in them). They've been married a year and, early on, she confessed to him her desire to submit in the bedroom. It's still kind of new for him, but he's finding he enjoys a great deal more than he initially thought he would. So here's a little bit of Doxolemy and Janeva for now, and please know the writing continues. 

An Emperor for the Eclipse

Doxolemy and Janeva

“Would you care to repeat that? Slave?”
Her eyes flew open and he grinned despite himself.
“Master! Master, I’m sorry.”
“You know,” he said, brushing a thumb over the rim of her ear, “I shouldn’t let you enjoy this at all until you can control what comes out of your mouth.”
She squirmed. Made her knees wider apart in offering. “Master, please.”
By the flood, Doxolemy was beginning to think it required more discipline to be the one in control than the other way around. He inhaled the scent of her hair and did his best to rise to the occasion.
“I should stay just as I am,” he said in tones of calm, feigned spite, “knuckle deep in this pussy of mine, and not move at all.”
“Oh no, Master.” Her brows had come together in frustration and she arched her back, threatening to break it in half, to urge his touch. Doxolemy tightened his grip in her hair.
“Slaves don’t have the privilege of saying ‘no’. Another lesson I see you need to learn.” He was enjoying this power play between them entirely too much. “I should let you stay here, bent over like this, and have you recite the entire Table of Hours before I let you feel anything again.”
The sharp intake of breath at this told him he’d found fitting material with which to work.
“Yes,” Doxolemy said in agreement with himself, “The Table of Hours. Begin.”
She said nothing, but blinked and stared at an inkwell sitting in her line of sight, as if confused. Fingers yanked from her body and a palm collided with her backside, three times in rapid succession. A healthy pink glow was blossoming over the vulnerable flesh.
“You imagine I jest?” The hand hovered in the air, ready to strike again, if needed. “Begin.”
Janeva swallowed to wet her throat and began to recite.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Story: No Monsters in the Snow

Igarka Airport, Russia - covered in snow
image credit:
Hi everyone! I have a new short story for you, live on Literotica in Sci-Fi & Fantasy: No Monsters in the Snow. It's a quick and dirty romp in a dystopian snowpolcapyse that hits the ground running, and (I hope!) lets your imagination go wild.

Here's an excerpt from the opening – I hope you'll head on over to Lit to read the rest. And of course, you know I love your comments. J




No Monsters in the Snow

The throng of people packed into the airport surged in a panic when I vaulted the rope and bolted for the door. A few grasping hands thrust through the opening, trying to catch hold of my jacket, but none of them were fool enough to follow when the door slammed shut behind me.

My feet thudded down the ramp so fast I thought I might trip and roll the rest of the way down the defunct jetway in a ball. When the tunnel ended in nothing but blinding white and a wall of cold, I didn’t even pause to process the height. I jumped.

Igarka Airport, Russia - covered in snow
image credit:
That wild luck allotted to fools and babies was with me then: the drift piled against the north face of the terminal was substantial enough to break my fall. I thrashed my way upright, no time for reflection or gratitude, and began to wade out into the desolation. The bite of the air in the shade of the building was far worse than anything I’d been able to imagine, but I was committed now. I’d made my choice.

Running through snow is difficult enough, and growing up in Phoenix hadn’t given me a childhood of winter wonderlands in which to practice. Nor did my gross lack of surface hours after the disaster. Now as I stumbled and flailed my way through knee to waist-high drifts, my lack of experience showed. And worse, it was slowing me down. He was out here. Somewhere. I just needed to find him.

Muffled yells from the crowd and the softened pounding of fists on the glass windows now overhead came at me still as I floundered my way out into the open. Perhaps they thought to holler some sense into me. That I might hear them and turn back. But we had turned back too many times already. Everyone in that building, myself included, had paid the price of fear.

OK, are you into it? Read the rest on Literotica now!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Darker Side of Love - Now on Amazon!

Alright, alright! I've been teasing you for long enough! As Flame to Smoke, my second story in an anthology from The Erotic Collective is out:

Now available on Amazon for Kindle for only $0.99 USD! 

The Darker Side of Love book cover image

Lust. Betrayal. Addiction. Murder. Naughty tales both natural and supernatural.

Seven smoking hot, dark erotic stories await you in this boxed set from your favorite Literotica authors. I've had the pleasure of previewing a few of them myself and, Oh. My. Goodness. Just get in there. Just do it.

What's in store for you in this anthology? I'm glad you asked, my friend. Take a look:

The Watcher, by Tara Crescent

Wanting to escape the burdens of her life, Kelly Mitchell attends the sex club her friend Miles St. Clair belongs to. But as the allure of the BDSM club grows, can Kelly withstand the temptation to sink deeper into its clutches?

Cookin' Up A Storm, by Anne A. Lois

Nadya's birthday gift to Yan had been on his wish list from day one... and on her hard-limits list for just as long. But when the moment of truth comes, will she really be ready?

The Rite, by Jennifer Bene

Heather isn’t a witch – yet. She’s a woman with a complicated love life and a complicated family who are pushing her to complete the rite that the family has guarded for generations. A rite that will give her unimaginable power at the cost of someone else’s life. All she has to do is choose someone, take them to bed, and curse them to die. 

As Flame to Smoke, by Eris Adderly

A single priest’s vow of chastity is all that stands between Serah and the dark promise of immortality. Father Kent doesn’t stand a chance.

Something in Her Eyes, by Justine Hollander

It was one night of pain and pleasure so many years ago, but it’s haunted both Ben and Margaret ever since. Years pass, and when their paths cross once more, memories of that night ignite fantasies and passions that threaten to lead to obsession - or heartbreak.

Wide Open, by Alice Schermer

A girl finds a murder scene, a murder victim and a murderer. All three of them start haunting her dreams. One of them teaches her things she'd never dreamed of. 

What if ... ?, by Christine Hart

What if the life you thought you had, didn’t exist?

NOTE: This anthology contains many dark and explicit scenes. It is intended for mature readers.

Sound hot to you? Well you know what to do! 

Get your copy of The Darker Side of Love now, on Amazon!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The State of My Union

I received a lovely anonymous feedback email through Literotica today, which was both heartening and frustrating at the same time. I love hearing from my readers, and of course it fluffed me right up to see praise for my work, and yet I always wish I could thank people for taking the time to comment and when it's anonymous, of course I can't.  So to whomever left this in my inbox today, thank you ever so much:

screenshot of email comment

That email got me thinking, though. An author friend of mine (Sophie Kisker, whose BDSM novel, An Odyssey of Submission: Finding Home Book One, has just arrived on Amazon), was suggesting to me in a recent email that I should get on with publishing The Devil's Luck. Add this to some other comments I've received about publishing over the past few months, and I thought I'd just put something up on the blog so ya'll can know where I stand in that regard.

I do intend to publish. Four Bodies, One Van, No Names, originally on Literotica, and now on Amazon in the anthology The More The Merrier, was me dipping my first toe into the waters. There is, in fact, a plan for my other stuff, I swear.

Everything that's currently on Literotica (as of this moment, The Eighth House, The Devil's Luck, The Fall of Rowland Graves, and The Maid and the Cook) will eventually be published as ebooks on Amazon. I might also do Smashwords and/or AllRomanceEbooks, but I need to investigate their restrictions, as there are scenes of non-consent in The Devil's Luck, and I know some sites have rules prohibiting that sort of content. When said publishing happens, those stories will probably have to come down from Lit.

Currently in the works is another short piece, Six of One, (teaser blurb to come!) which is meant for yet another anthology with the wonderful authors of The Erotic Collective. We're aiming for a February release, so more news to follow on that.

On the shelf right behind Six of One, is An Emperor for the Eclipse (working title), which I will take up again as soon as I'm done with the other. Emperor is a fantasy novel that I'm sure I'll put on Lit for all you wonderful people to have the first crack at for free, but it is ultimately meant for publishing. If you know me by now, you know I write a whole story before putting any of it up for public view, rather than releasing chapters as I go, so I can tell you now it's going to be a few months before you see anything of Emperor. I can only imagine that it'll be a longer story than The Devil's Luck by a good deal, and I've never written fantasy before where I'll have to build a world from scratch, so as you can imagine, it'll take some time.

That being said, because I know Emperor will be a marathon, I'll probably take a break or two and write The Carpenter and The Deckhand (a short story about Ellis George and Christopher Winters from The Devil's Luck), and The Seamstress and The Chandler's Wife (another short about some very minor characters from TDL, Mrs. Hadley and Mrs. Atwood). Those will also go to live on Lit for a while for your enjoyment while I finish up Emperor.

THEN, once Emperor is done and has had some time to simmer on Lit, it'll be time for the rubber to meet the road. It is my idea that I will then have enough of a back catalog to enable me to publish a number of things in a short span of time, so that anyone who finds me on Amazon will have more than one story to read right away if they discover they like my stuff.

The future after that? Well, there's a Devil's Luck sequel (The Merry Widow) that's going to happen. We need to spend some time in Benjamin Till's head, and there are more ship battles and lust in the stateroom that need to happen. Some new characters are coming your way, and things are going to get shaken up!

I really enjoyed the world of mythology, so I've planned two companion stories to The Eighth House: not about Hades and Persephone, though the Lord and Lady of the Dead I'm sure will get a mention. These two will be about some other familiar faces in the Greek myths, and like The Eighth House, there'll be some odd twists on tradition. Those I mean to publish as some sort of Gods and Monsters trilogy, though I'm sure that name is taken.

Now here I don't know what order I'm doing things in, but I also have a fairly well-developed dystopian future/vampire/sci-fi novel in the pipeline. And there's still one of my older ideas that's been shelved for a while about an early 20th century whorehouse that's meant to span several decades. 

So believe me when I say: I have lots of good things brewing, and every intention of publishing. But much like our dear Edmund Blackburn (don't we write ourselves a little bit into all of our characters?), I've made a plan and I'm going to stick to it, by crackie! But now you know where I'm headed, and I hope to see you around for the trip there.

Stay dirty, my friends!

~ Eris